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EFA and EFA Pro 4.0 released

EFA for Apple Mail and EFA Pro 4.0 for MS Outlook 365 are now generally available on the Appstore.

They supports Catalina, Big Sur and Apple silicon, whilst maintaining support for Intel processors. We have added new functionality, such as email reply mode, file-with-sent-email, context menus, analytics and keyboard shortcuts. EFA (Pro) 4 supports the pausing and resumption of the indexing process, and we've put particular focus on making indexing a faster and more transparent experience. Filing emails is faster and more fluent compared to the previous version 3.9X

Key changes and additions

- Filing speed increase

- Indexing speed increase

- New: Email Reply: A workflow that joins the steps of sending a reply email, filing it and the original email.

- New: File with sent emails: Co-file conversations that go across the inbox and sent items

- New: Menu items and associated keyboard shortcuts to keyboard-control EFA

- New: Contextual mailbox-creation, favourite marking and mailbox exclusion setting

- New: Analytics dashboard

- New: Index pausing and resumption

- Upgraded the head-up display. Added a search bar.

- Fixed bugs in the German UI in relation to 'Ablageverknüpfung' and the maximum value of the indexer progress bars.

- EFA now remembers the position and the size of the HUD, Preferences, and file-with-sent windows.

We'd like to thank all users who participated in the EFA 4 Beta program for their feedback and contributions.

The complete feature set of EFA 4.0 can be explored in the EFA user guide document.

Check out the latest getting started video guide.


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