EFA 4 and EFA Helper 2 Beta Program

The development of EFA 4 and EFA Helper 2 is presently underway. EFA 4 and EFA Helper 2 support Catalina, Big Sur and Apple silicon, whilst maintaining support for Intel processors. We're adding new functionality, such as file-with-sent-email to co-file conversations that go across the inbox and sent items. EFA 4 supports the pausing and resumption of the indexing process, and we're putting particular focus on making indexing a faster and more transparent experience. Filing emails with EFA 4 is faster and more fluent compared to EFA 3.9X.

What is new in Beta 2 ?

  • Combined Binaries  for Catalina and Big Sur

  • Stability improvements.

  • Performance improvements. EFA now tries to anticipate the user's likely next move and pre-fetch object references from the mail clients (Mail, Outlook). This can shorten the start of filing, both for individual filing and batch filing

  • EFA Pro: The 'File with sent emails’ feature is now implemented.

  • Added a Context menu in individual filing to quickly exclude mailboxes from filing or mark them as favourites (see below)

  • Beta Release of EFA Helper 2 that now sits in the system tray and no longer occupies space in the dock. 

  • Fixed a bug in the date comparison fuse that caused the German localisation of EFA to present a dialogue that Beta 1 had already ended

  • Fixed a bug that caused 'File with sent emails' to crash when there were less than 25 sent items emails

Beta 2 terms

  • The beta 2 binaries of EFA 4 are time-fused and will stop working from March 1, 2021

  • By using this software, you accept that you do this at your own risk. Schulz Software will accept no liabilities for direct, indirect or consequential losses from the use of this beta software. 

  • The software does not transfer usage data to us. All data stays on your computer. 

  • The index and user data you create will in most likelihood be usable with EFA 4 when it will be released via the Appstore.  

  • By downloading and using the software, you agree to these terms. 

Supported operating systems

  • EFA 4 and EFA Helper 2 Beta support macOS 10.15 (Catalina) and 11.1 (Big Sur). 

Known Issues

  • EFA: Under Big Sur, Filing an email into an iCloud mailbox results in a copy, rather than a move. See this technical note for details.

  • EFA Pro: Due to a lack of reported AppleScript support in Microsoft(R) Outlook 16.44 for Mac's New Outlook Mode, EFA Pro is unable to communicate with New Outlook. Details.

  • EFA and EFA Pro: 'File with Sent email'. Popup can overlap with main application window. Solution: Move the EFA window to the top of the screen so that the popup opens below the EFA window (see screenshot below)

  • EFA Pro: The 'File with sent emails’ feature can be slow when there is a large number of emails in sent items (n>1,000)

  • EFA Helper 2: The popup does not close automatically when the user clicks on another system tray icon. Solution. Either use the 'Close Window' button or click outside of EFA Helper. 

EFA for Apple Mail - Catalina & Big Sur

EFA Helper for Apple Mail and Outlook - Catalina & Big Sur

EFA Pro for Outlook - Catalina & Big Sur

We invite beta testers to provide feedback

macOS security provisions

​When you first start EFA or EFA Pro, macoS will likely refuse to open it. Go to mac OS System Preferences , ensure that 'App Store and identified developers' is selected, and click on 'Open Anyway'

File with Sent Emails

Move the EFA window to the top of the screen so that the popup opens below the EFA window (see screenshot below) 

Individual Filing Context Menu


Mailboxes can be quickly excluded from filing or marked as favourites with the new context menu. EFA / EFA Pro remembers the selections. They can be edited in preferences under Excluded mailboxes and under Favourites

EFA Helper 2 Beta


EFA Helper 2 not rests in the system tray​. The user dialogue is more expressive and contains additional details how to configure EFA Helper with EFA / EFA Pro. 

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