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EFA 5's primary focus is the implementation of the EFA Mail Extension for Apple Mail through MailKit to integrate some functionality of EFA directly into Apple Mail: As the user is writing an email, the EFA Mail Extension lets them select the folder into which EFA should file the mail after sending. This feature eliminates the manual step of filing the email from the Sent Items mailbox. It has been the #1 feature request by EFA users. The EFA Mail Extension requires the main EFA 5 app to run and Object Reference Caching to be active (see EFA preferences -> Other)


object reference caching.png

Open Mail and in Preferences > Extensions, enable the EFA Mail Extension

Email Reply Mode

Close Mail Preferences.

Create an email:

  1. In Apple Mail, create a new email or reply to an existing email.

  2. Fill in the receiver, cc, subject as needed.

  3. Click on the EFA button at the top of your mail editor.

EFA will suggest potential mailboxes for filing. These suggestions can be influenced by changing the filing strategy in the EFA app.


You can also manually search for a mailbox.

When you are happy with a suggestion, click on it. The EFA plugin will remember it.

When you later send the email, EFA Mail Extension will inform the EFA App to move the email from the Sent Items Folder into the target mailbox. This process runs in the background and can take a couple of minutes until the email is sent and Apple mail has synced back with the mail server, etc. Whilst the EFA App is trying to file the email, you see this indicator in the bottom-right corner of the EFA Window. When it disappears, EFA has successfully filed the message.

EFA Pro 5

1) Indexing: When using the Single Mailbox index functionality, the new 'Include Sub-Mailboxes' checkbox improves the speed of refreshing indexes when the user has tidied up their folder structure manually.

2) New preference setting under the 'other' tab: The simplified HUD is more slimline and only shows the mailbox name and the search function.

3) Batch Filing: Added context menu to exclude proposed mailbox from filing. The context menu accelerates the creation of a list of excluded mailboxes) that EFA should not automatically file into

4) General: Create a hotkey option for opening the main window instead of having to go through the View menu bar: shift-command-0

Known Limitations

  • EFA: Filing an email from one Gmail mailbox into another Gmail mailbox can result in a copy, rather than a move. The move command is successful from an iCloud Mailbox into a Gmail mailbox. We have raised this issue with Apple. See this technical note for details.

  • EFA Pro: Due to a lack of reported AppleScript support in Microsoft(R) Outlook 16.44 for Mac's New Outlook Mode, EFA Pro is unable to communicate with New Outlook. Details.

  • EFA Pro: The 'File with sent emails’ feature can be slow when there is a large number of emails in sent items (n>1,000)

  • EFA Pro: Email Reply mode. The automatic filing of the reply email only works if the subject and the receiver of the email are not manually edited by the user. 

  • EFA Helper 2: The popup does not close automatically when the user clicks on another system tray icon. Solution. Either use the 'Close Window' button or click outside of EFA Helper. 

  • EFA: When related messages are shown in Apple Mail, the filing of an email can lead to the filing of the related messages as well. 

Sub Mailbox Creation
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