EFA (Pro 4.1)

New Features / Changes


Extended supported versions of macOS down to 10.13. Hence, EFA can be run on

- 10.13 (High Sierra)

- 10.14 (Mojave)

- 10.15 (Catalina)

- 11.X (Big Sur)


New option for the head-up display to disappear/minimise when the Mail/Outlook window is not active. See Preferences > Other.


New option to keep showing the most recent list of mailboxes when no email is selected in the mail client. This can help with complex goto mailbox cases. See Preferences > Filing > Other 


New: EFA remains active when the user closes the main window


Keyboard support extended:

- Shift-clicking on a mailbox in EFA copies the email to the mailbox

- Option-clicking on a mailbox briefly activates Goto-mailbox mode


The Filing menu now lists all filing mailboxes, just like the Main Window/Dock/HUD.


Mailbox creation:

- speed has been significantly increased 

​- Keyboard support for CMD-V to paste mailbox name

- Keyboard support Return/Enter to trigger mailbox creation in popup

- Fix: Mailbox creation into local mailboxes, i.e. without an associated account 


Search field: Support for terms separated by spaces​

EFA Helper 2.1​​

  • New: Notarised EFA Helper with Apple. This means that macOS will no longer complain about EFA Helper being potentially unsafe.

  • Users have reported an unreliable behaviour of EFA Helper 2, which does not always change the message selection in the mail client as instructed. We have investigated the issue. 

  • We noticed a peculiarity of macOS' implementation of multiple screens. In a nutshell, Apple Mail will only allow for its message selection to be changed programmatically if there is no draft email open, or, if one is open, then the window of that email has to be on the same physical screen as Apple Mail.

  • EFA Helper 2.1 adds a diagnostic message at the bottom of the window to help determine if there are any underlying AppleScript errors. Should you experience those, please follow the instructions here

EFA 4, EFA Pro 4 and EFA Helper 2

EFA 4 and EFA Helper 2 support Catalina, Big Sur and Apple silicon, whilst maintaining support for Intel processors. We have added new functionality, such as email reply mode,  file-with-sent-email context menus, analytics and keyboard shortcuts. EFA 4 supports the pausing and resumption of the indexing process, and we've put particular focus on making indexing a faster and more transparent experience. Filing emails with EFA 4 is faster and more fluent compared to EFA 3.9X.

A big thank you goes to the EFA user community for their input and thorough testing. EFA 4 is a significantly more capable product than EFA 3.9.  

The new EFA User guide provides an overview and detailed description of the EFA function set.


Email Reply Mode

To use Email Reply Mode, select an email in the mail client and then in EFA, click on Email reply mode in the mode selector menu, or use the key combination ⇧⌘R. EFA will open the email. You edit it and when it is time to send, you click on the mailbox where you want EFA to file the email. EFA will then send it, file it, and optionally, also file the original email. For details, consult the user guide. 

email reply mode.gif

Sub mailbox creation 

The context menu has a new option that triggers a workflow to create a sub mailbox under the selected mailbox. EFA will open a popup and ask for the name of the mailbox. Once the sub mailbox has been created, EFA will make it available by adding it to the EFA index, adding it to the list of favourite mailboxes, switching to the Favourites filing strategy and displaying the mailbox. See also the User Guide document

sub mailbox creation.png

Known Limitations

  • EFA: Under Big Sur, Filing an email from one Gmail mailbox into another Gmail mailbox results in a copy, rather than a move. The move command is successful from an iCloud Mailbox into a Gmail mailbox. We have raised this issue with Apple. See this technical note for details.

  • EFA Pro: Due to a lack of reported AppleScript support in Microsoft(R) Outlook 16.44 for Mac's New Outlook Mode, EFA Pro is unable to communicate with New Outlook. Details.

  • EFA Pro: The 'File with sent emails’ feature can be slow when there is a large number of emails in sent items (n>1,000)

  • EFA Pro: Email Reply mode. The automatic filing of the reply email only works if the subject and the receiver of the email are not manually edited by the user. 

  • EFA Helper 2: The popup does not close automatically when the user clicks on another system tray icon. Solution. Either use the 'Close Window' button or click outside of EFA Helper. 

  • EFA: When related messages are shown in Apple Mail, the filing of an email can lead to the filing of the related messages as well.