EFA Beta Program

We are regularly updating and extending EFA. Here you find the latest beta versions.

Latest Version EFA 5,  Beta 2

System requirements: macOS 12 Monterey

Binaries valid until: 28.2.2022 

EFA 5's main focus is the implementation of the EFA Mail Extension for Apple Mail through MailKit: As the user is writing an email, the EFA Mail Extension lets them select the folder into which an email should be filed after it has been sent. This has been the #1 feature request by EFA users. The EFA Mail Extension requires the main EFA 5 app to run.

Changes in this version, compared to the previous beta

  • Common

    • Universal Binary for Apple Silicon and Intel

  • Mail Extension

    • Fixes a bug that could block the sending of emails in Apple Mail

    • New keyboard navigation (tabbing) between the UI elements in the mail extension dialogue window and selection of a mailbox via Return/Enter.

  • EFA Main Program​

    • Introduced a new preference in EFA to switch between full and simplified HUD. In simplified form, the HUD hides the table view header and the key and account columns. It then only shows the mailbox name columns. (EFA Preferences > Other)

    • Added a new hotkey shift-command-0 to show the main EFA window. 

    • Fixed a bug in the table views in the main, the mini and HUD windows that did not scroll the views when they were navigated by keyboard up/down keys. 

Known issues, presently under investigation

  • Stability and functionality issues on Apple Silicon. 

  • Tabbing in the mail extension dialogue window requires two tabs too many. 

Installing this Beta:

  1. If you have  EFA 4.X (or any earlier version of EFA) installed, close it.

  2. If you have EFA 5, beta, remove the EFA extension from Apple Mail (Preferences > Extensions). Follow the prompts and delete EFA 5 beta 1 from your system.

  3. Download the EFA 5, beta 2 binaries from below and copy the app into any folder, e.g. on the Desktop. Ensure not to overwrite your current installation of EFA 4.X in case you want to go back to it. 

EFA 5 Beta uses the same database of the EFA 4.X. This means that 

- all existing settings and the index are readily available in EFA 5 Beta

- users can always go back to EFA 4.X


If you have not yet used EFA, initialise it and create an index as per the EFA User Guide. The EFA Index is required for the proper function of the EFA Mail Extension. 

Start EFA 5 Beta

In EFA Preferences > Other, check that Object Reference Caching is enabled. 

object reference caching.png

Open Mail and in Preferences > Extensions, enable the EFA Mail Extension

Close Mail Preferences.

Using this Beta:

  1. In Apple Mail, create a new email or reply to an existing email.

  2. Fill in the receiver, cc, subject as needed.

  3. Click on the EFA button at the top of your mail editor.

EFA will suggest potential mailboxes for filing. These suggestions can be influenced by changing the filing strategy in the EFA app.


You can also manually search for a mailbox.

When you are happy with a suggestion, click on it. The EFA plugin will remember it.

When you later send the email, EFA Mail Extension will inform the EFA App to move the email from the Sent Items Folder into the target mailbox. This process runs in the background and can take a couple of minutes until the email is sent and Apple mail has synced back with the mail server, etc. Whilst the EFA App is trying to file the email, you see this indicator in the bottom-right corner of the EFA Window. When it disappears, EFA has successfully filed the message.

progress indicator.png
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EFA + EFA Mail Extension 5 Beta 2 for
Apple Mail