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EFA Beta Program

We are regularly updating and extending EFA (Pro). Here you find the latest beta versions

Latest Version EFA 5,  Beta 1

Binaries valid until: 31.12.2021 

EFA Helper 2.1

No time limit on binary.

Changes in EFA (Pro) 4.1 Beta 2 compared to Beta 1

  • New: Option for the head-up display to disappear/minimise when the Outlook window is not active. See Preferences > Other

  • New: Option to keep showing the most recent list of mailboxes when no email is selected in the mail client. This can help with complex goto mailbox cases. See Preferences > Filing > Other 

  • Fix: Mailbox creation into local mailboxes, i.e. without an associated account

  • Improved: Mailbox creation speed has been significantly increased 

Changes in EFA (Pro) 4.1 Beta compared to 4.0

  • Extended supported versions of macOS down to 10.13. Hence, EFA (Pro) can be run on

    • 10.13 (High Sierra)

    • 10.14 (Mojave)

    • 10.15 (Catalina)

    • 11.X (Big Sur)

  • EFA remains active when the user closes the main window

  • Shift-clicking on a mailbox in EFA copies the email to the mailbox

  • Option-clicking on a mailbox briefly activates Goto-mailbox mode

  • The Filing menu now lists all filing mailboxes, just like the Main Window/Dock/HUD

  • Mailbox creation:

    • Keyboard support for CMD-V to paste mailbox name

    • Keyboard support Return/Enter to trigger mailbox creation in popup

  • Search field: Support for terms separated by spaces​


EFA Helper 2.1​​

  • New: Notarised EFA Helper with Apple. This means that macOS will no longer complain about EFA Helper being potentially unsafe.

  • Users have reported an unreliable behaviour of EFA Helper 2, which does not always change the message selection in the mail client as instructed. We have investigated the issue. 

  • We noticed a peculiarity of macOS' implementation of multiple screens. In a nutshell, Apple Mail will only allow for its message selection to be changed programmatically if there is no draft email open, or, if one is open, then the window of that email has to be on the same physical screen as Apple Mail.

  • EFA Helper 2.1 adds a diagnostic message at the bottom of the window to help determine if there are any underlying AppleScript errors. Should you experience those, please follow the instructions here

Known issues

  • EFA: Exchange accounts: Mailbox creation results in mailboxes that have the full path in their name. We have investigated this and determined a bug in Apple Mail, which we have reported (FB9103373). 


Pipeline: These are the things we'll be working on next. Some of the requested features may or may not be possible to implement, but we'll investigate. 

  • Slimline version of the HUD

  • Bug: assertion failure: "(self)->_enumeratingSubviewsCount < ((1 << 6) - 1)" -> %lld

  • Feature: If I am writing an email from scratch, how do I tell EFA to fill a copy in a folder in addition to the sent folder?

  • Feature: File into Outlook PST folders

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EFA for Apple Mail


EFA Helper 

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EFA Pro for Outlook 

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