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Latest news !

EFA 5.1 and EFA 5.1 Pro are now available on the App Store.

EFA 5.1 for Apple Mail supports MailKit !




Let the Email Filing Assistant AI learn about your mailboxes. It will analyse where emails from which senders are stored and which information they contain. This is the baseline of your past filing behaviour that EFA will remember



Select an email that you want to file away from your inbox and let EFA make intelligent suggestions where the likely best place for this email in the mailbox hierarchy is.



Let EFA file the email away. As it does, the AI updates its knowlege base and thus continually learns your filing habits. Choose from a great range of filing strategies that best suit your needs.

EFA for your needs

EFA for Apple Mail

EFA Pro for Microsoft ® Outlook 365

Where to buy

Click on the program icons above to access EFAs on the Mac Appstore. 




“This app has been a huge time saver in my daily email routine. It took me a short while to get used to it - and once I became comfortable with it it has now become an integral part of my work flow. I have also found that it "learns" how I work - and gets better and more intuitive every day! This is great app and well worth it for all Outlook users!”, Shawn Botterill

“What a great piece of software; I usually spend about 2 hours every night dealing with and filing the c100 emails I receive each day.  EFA is going to shave off around 20 minutes every day I would guess, maybe more.  Just fantastic!!”, Prof. M. Everist.

"I had been using Mailhub for many years including in OS Catalina, after moving onto OS Monterey there was no Mailhub app update available for Apple Mail as its appears to have been discontinued. I searched endlessly for an alternative and having tried some other available extensions found EFA, my first impression was how efficiently it indexed handled over 263,800 emails during the first full index, this was quite impressive. A few days in now and very pleased, swish software that works !!", Ray G


“The automatic mode in batch filing makes a huge difference, it's excellent. Also the fact that it can automatically create mailboxes is very useful and less complicated. Thank you very much, I use it every day!”, Rebekah Boyle

“[...] I wrote the developer (Karsten Schulz), not expecting a response for days, but within the hour he wrote back with what I was doing wrong. Since that quick fix, my Mac Pro is filing the 2800 emails that I've let build up in my Inbox.  With customer service like that, I've decided to write my first review. If there were six stars available, I'd click on that.”, Rick Greenspan

I have a large quantity of e-mail and mailboxes. Email Filing Assistant indexes the email that I have and “learns” where I like to store different types of e-mail. Now I choose the mailbox and EFA moves the e-mail there saving me the time required to find the mailbox and drag the e-mail there myself. This application does exactly what is expected and does it well. The technical support is among the best I have encountered. I had a minor technical issue in the beginning as I was indexing (which ended up being a older, corrupt mailbox), but my questions were answered within hours (often minutes). Highly recommended. Kurt S



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